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State:  Fresh frozen

Origin:  The Netherlands

Packaging :  Box of 12 sausages of 450g. 

Barf Game Mix

  • Pheasant (37%: meaty pheasant carcass, pheasant organs)

    Hare (30%: fleshy hare carcass, hare organs)

    Deer (20%: fine crushed deer meat)

    Vegetable mix (10%: cauliflower, carrot, spinach)

    Seaweed (1%)

    Salmon oil (1%)

    Vitamins, minerals and cranberry (0.01%)


For payment  of your order, you can select Paypal payment to pay with your Paypal account, follow the procedure, then before confirming you can either pay by paypal or also by credit card.
For payment at collection in Le Cannet or at the collection points provided at the exits of the A8, you can pay by all legal means:
in cash, by check, by bank card 

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