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Barf Provence recommends these items as natural rewards

Le Saucisson de viande cuite

Saucisson  de viande | Barf Provence | Toulon | Marseille | Nice | Avignon | Nimes

Naturis dog food is suitable for all breeds and all ages.

Naturis dog food has been created in collaboration with veterinarians, breeders and nutritionists in order to obtain an honest product with a very good price/quality ratio and of course without synthetic additives in the form of perfumes, colorings, flavors and antioxidants .

This is the only way to provide you and your dog with a top quality product.

Ideal as rewards, these sausages are very often used by dog owners and   canine trainers in clubs, as well as by canine athletes who compete in the greatest disciplines, especially in FCI tracking or in IGP tracking.

Very appetizing, dogs love it! So the attention and concentration of the dog is increased more than with a dry treat.

they are very easily cut into slices, and then into small cubes to reward our 4-legged partners!

Trying them will convince you of their addiction to your dogs!


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