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           Notre sélection de BARF Alaska de très haute qualité :
                                           White, Red, Wild ( sauvage)

Nos BARF Alaska à la Viande Crue Biologiquement Appropriée

More people are starting to realize that there is a connection between the health of our animals and their food. It is very logical that nature has a good guide to compose the menu of our dog or cat. These animals are carnivorous, so they are originally meat and prey eaters.

Alaska Natural Petfood was created from this vision. Based on the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Meat) method, Alaska Natural Petfood contains raw muscle meat, meat bones, and offal for dogs, supplemented with a pureed mix of fresh vegetables. Only high quality raw materials are used in Alaska Natural Petfood, all necessary vitamins and minerals are naturally present in fresh raw materials.

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